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There are two groups of 144000. They are both a kind of First Fruits from the New and the Old Covenant Believers.

Posted by gospelclips on August 22, 2012

There are two groups of 144000. They are both a sort of First Fruit of the New and the Old Covenant believers.





The 144000 in Revelation Ch 14 are mature firstfruits (Wheat) who get their inheritance before the great multitude of believers (Also Wheat) — The 144000 in Revelation Ch 7 are Jews taken from each of the 12 tribes of Israel and are sealed before the seventh seal is opened so as to be protected from God’s wrath


There are two groups of 144000.

The first group of 144000 in Revelations Chapter 7 are Jews taken from the 12 tribes of Israel. They will be on Earth during the Millennium along with the Sheep Nations who survive Armageddon. They will repopulate the Earth to fulfill the promises that God made to the Jews in the Old Testament. During the Millennium, Christ will reign in Heaven with his Bride composed of all believers that will be resurrected or raptured to be with Him when he comes again.

The second group of 144000 in Revelation Chapter 14 are Christians. They are raptured to go to heaven to be with Christ before the Great Tribulation starts. They are the first fruits from among the Living (Christ was the first fruit from the dead). The Great Multitude of believers from every tribe, nation and tongue are not raptured until the end of the Great Tribuation when the Seventh Seal is opened and the Seventh Trumpet sounds

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