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Two Groups of 144000!

Posted by gospelclips on June 28, 2011

144000 Jews are Sealed (or protected) from God's Wrath when the seventh seal is opened. This will coincide with the Second Coming of Christ on the Day of the Lord. The dead in Christ will arise and the Church will be raptured at the same time and a Great Multitude will appear in heaven. This will all take place when the seven seal is opened and when the seventh trumpet is sounded. The Second coming of Christ is inseparably linked to the rapture, the resurrection of believers and the Day of the LORD. 1THES 4:13-17

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There are two groups of 144000.  (Rev Ch7 and Rev Ch 14)

  144000 Jews are sealed when the seventh seal is opened. 

They are protected from the Bowls of God’s wrath that are poured out on the Nations after the Church has been raptured.

 They repopulate Earth during the Millennium to full fill God’s promises to the Jew’s in the Old Testament (eg Zech Ch 14).

They are not the same as the 144000 Mature (firstfruit) Christians spared from the Great Tribulation in Revelation Ch 14 before the three angel messages.

These are the firstfruits of the Living Christians (Rev 14:4 James 1:18)

Christ was the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep (1Cor 15:20)

The second group of 144000 in Revelation Ch 14 are not the same as the 144000 Jews that are sealed when Christ returns at the opening of the seventh seal / sounding of the seventh trumpet in Revelation Ch 7.   

The 144000 Jews that are sealed remain on Earth and repopulate it during the Millennium to fulfill Old Testament promises. 

 There will be approximately 10 times this number of pagans who survive Armageddon (Zech 8:23).

The 144000 Christians that are raptured in Revelation Ch 14 before the three angle messages escape the Great Tribulation.  The majority of the Church have to go through the Great Tribulation and are raptured when Christ returns at the seventh Trumpet when the seventh seal is opened and the 144000 Jews are sealed.

Dr Nigel Hawkins




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